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施設案内 受付
YISH is not only an institution that aids in the support of foreign students, but is also a place where local citizens can gather to take part in a variety of cultural exchange activilies with the goal of broadenig international cooperation and understandig.
※For the time being, we kindly ask you to refrain from entering YISH to prevent infection.

Seminar Room / Hall
Seminar Room (2)
Seminar Room A (36)
Seminar Room B (18)
Audio equipment, Whiteboard etc.

Non-profit gatherings to promote international exchange and cultural understanding.
Below are examples of activities that are prohibited in the YISH facilities.
 ・Any selling of goods or the advertising of such goods with the intent of making a profit etc.
 ・Any activities on behalf of a religious instition or political organization, or activities relating to such organization such as missionary work etc.
 ・Activities that involve the collection of large admission or subscription fees.
 ・Private gatherings with the exclusive purpose of consuming foods and drink.
 ・Meeting of hobby groups or clubs conducted solely by Japanese citizens with no intent to promote cultural exchange etc.

Available hours Tuesday-Saturday 9:00~21:00
Sunday, Monday, Holiday 9:00~17:00
*Excluding the 4th Monday, Year's End and New Years
Time Limit
3 hours per event
Usage Fee

Free of charge

Valid Applicants Limited to students studying and citizens working in, as well as any residents of the Yokohama City erea.
In the case of organizations, the decision will be based on the residence of the organization's representative.
Application Period From 2 months prior to 2days prior to the desired date. A limit of 2 sessions can be applied for at any one time.
Application method Please submit the form "Application for permission to use seminar room/hall'' to the YISH office directly.

Study Room
学習室A collection of over 4,500 volumes mostly focussed on international understanding and Japanese education are available for your perusal.
(Books may not be taken out.)

Study Hours Tuesday-Saturday 9:00~21:00
Sunday, Monday, Holiday 9:00~17:00
*Excluding the 4th Monday, Year's End and New Years
Advanced application Not necessary. Simply report to the office located at the YISH when you arrive.

Yokohama International student house
4-171-23 Honchodori, Tsurumi, Yokohama, 230-0048, Japan
TEL 045-507-0121
FAX 045-507-2441