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Alumni Network
1700 alumni all over the world

Since its foundation, about 1700 alumni have left the House and are taking active roles
in various fields not only in their own countries, but also on the international stage.

Some of the alumni keep in touch with us by sending us emails or some even stop by to stay overnight when they visit Japan for their work or with their family in order to think back those days they spent at the House.The staff of the House who remember the alumni cherish such communication and they are deeply impressed by the success the alumni have made today.

Unfortunately, we have lost touch with some of the alumni. We'd like to take this opportunity to get connected once again. Could you please send us an e-mail? Your cooperation is highly appreciated!

Networking through facebook
We have started facebook in order to enhance the communication network between the House and the alumni or the students who are staying at the House and the alumni or among the alumni. We look forward to your joining our facebook.

facebook group:yish(yokohama international student house)

Alumni Network
Yokohama International student house
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